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Pummelo (Citrus maxima)
Pummelo - Exotic Tropical Fruit -
A very large citrus fruit with a very thick rind, and sweet juicy segments without the bitterness of grapefruit.
Pummelo grows as wild seedlings throughout much of Malaysia and Indonesia, but there is some evidence that it has been introduced into these areas by Chinese settlers.
Introduced into the West Indies in the late 1600's as seed. It is more closely related to the orange than other citrus, and it is believed that crosses with orange are responsible for the development of the grapefruit.
Characteristics Soil must be well drained as it is vulnerable to root rot problems. Best on slightly acid sandy loams.
Climate Requirements
Best adapted to the tropics but it will grow in cooler regions. The flesh however becomes sourer. Not as cold tolerant as grapefruit.
Trees grow quite large so an 8 meter spacing is desirable. Crosspollination from other nearby citrus will produce seedy fruit.
Several crops a year are possible in a hot climate. In Australia, the main flowering flush is in spring following the winter dormancy. The fruit matures 6 - 9 months later. A yield of 100 kg per tree would be expected from mature trees. Fruit can be left on the tree for several months after it colours.
In Thailand, the fruit are harvested just as they lose the dark green colour. They are then stored for 1 -2 months during which time the fruit improves in flavour and colour.
Length of time
until first crop Four years.
Marketing Notes
The large size and thick rind mean that costs are high for packaging and transport, so small varieties are more popular. It does not bruise easily and has a long shelf life, storing for up to 2 months under suitable conditions.

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